Gym Class is exactly what you think, but maybe a bit more fun and inclusive than you might remember from your youth. Sadly, more and more schools are either cutting back on the amount of physical education that children are getting or eliminating it altogether.

An adequate level of physical activity for children is only 30-minutes a day at a minimum. Ideally however, children should get closer to 60-minutes. Physical activity can be defined several ways, especially depending on the age of the child or adolescent. From free-play to organized sports, children need to move! Less than 25% of school-aged children are getting 60-minutes of physical activity on at least 5 days a week. This simply is not enough to combat obesity and build muscle that is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that kids who engage in physical activity early in their development will reap the benefits throughout their lives?

With the offering of a daily Gym Class, we are going to change this! The goal with Gym Class is to offer it 5-days a week, and recommend that children participate an average of 3-days a week. Programming and the amount of time each child participates is age dependant and closely monitored.

The program is ideal for children whose schools have cut back on or eliminated P.E., as well as for parents that homeschool their children.

Funding will be used to offer this program five days a week, to retain our specialized coach, as well as to acquire and maintain equipment. In conjunction with other programs, getting the word out to the community in multiple forms like social media, email campaigns, community outreach and word of mouth requires ongoing funds. Element Gym reserves time in its facility for this program.

Annual Goal $30,000

Sponsor a young person’s Gym Class for a year $2,250