Hip Hop Dance


In September 2017, Element Foundation introduced Hip Hop Dance to the teens and adults that were already frequenting the gym facility. As you can imagine, they couldn’t get enough! So, we want to be able to offer this unique class on a monthly basis.

We all know what dance does for us. Not only is it great exercise but dance, in any form, is a challenging and rewarding means of self-expression. The proven physical benefits of Hip Hop Dance include improved cardiovascular function, increased strength and endurance, improved muscle tone, and so much more. The self-confidence, poise and enthusiasm for life that is developed by practicing a form of dance like this, extends far beyond the one-hour lesson.

Funding will be used to offer this program monthly, to retain our dance instructor, as well as to acquire and maintain equipment. In conjunction with other programs, getting the word out to the community in multiple forms like social media, email campaigns, community outreach, and word of mouth requires ongoing funds. Element Gym reserves time in its facility for this program.

Annual funding goal $1500