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Element’s future is exciting to [Dalton] Outlaw who said their plans are not only to expand their space and offerings but to create more programs to give back to the community. Many schools in the Midway neighborhood cannot afford to offer after school programs. Element wants to fill that space, combining after school fitness programs with a computer lab and workspaces for students to do their homework. “We want to step in and help where we can;” says Outlaw “Midway has given us so much and we want to make sure we give back and sustain the community during the large changes in the near future.”


They Can't Get Enough of Us!

We're so proud of all the attention that The Art of Boxing - The Sport of Ballet is getting. Ordway Center for the Performing Arts generously supports MinnPost's Arts & Culture coverage. And we appreciate that!

Article by Pamela Espeland 

Sunday at the Ordway Concert Hall: The Art of Boxing – The Sport of Ballet. St. Paul Ballet needed practice space; Element Gym had some to share. Curiosity and open minds on both sides led to a fascinating performance that combines boxing with ballet, grace with strength, and art with sport to explore the common rituals and humanity of two distinct cultures. Yes, there’s a big, important message in there, but it’s also fun and thrilling to watch. Why no one before has tried a boxer-ballet dancer pas de deux is a mystery, because it’s a beautiful thing. This performance will also feature poet, spoken word artist and TruArtSpeaks founder Tish Jones. 6 p.m. FMI and tickets ($32-57). 

Member of the Month

We love our members at Element Gym!

We're so fortunate to have such dedicated people in our community. Take a look at some of the amazing people that show continuous hard work and dedication! 

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Katie Grove

April 2018

You've most likely seen Katie around the gym working hard in those boxing classes!  Here is more about Katie and her experience here at Element!

How long have you been coming to Element?
Since September 2017.

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?
I was volunteering at a fitness facility in Monticello as a volunteer coach for Rock Steady Boxing, which is a class for Parkinson's patients, but didn't know enough about boxing.  Element is close to where I live, so I ended up here in the boxing classes at noon.  Haven't quit yet!  Love it!

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?
Boxing class but just added the circuit classes.  Great to have someone push you.

What is one of your go-to workout songs?
"War" by Edwin Starr

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?
I am stronger, happier, and my coordination has improved.  I also play tennis and boxing has definitely helped my game.

Tell us why you love Element.
The facility is clean, open, with everything you need to workout.  The coaches will adapt any exercise for you if you are struggling.  The social component is also great!  As a new resident to the Twin Cities, it is fun to get to know the coaches and members.  Also, love the community aspect.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?
If you have a preconceived notion that boxing is not for you, give it up!  I am 66-years-old and feel great and everyone here accepts everyone else no matter age, gender, race or religion!  

We couldn't agree with you more on those points, Katie!  Great job putting in all that hard work and dedication towards sharpening your boxing skills!  Also, thanks for providing another valued voice to support the diverse community we have here at Element.  #getinit



February 2018

👏Go get 'em, Little J!

When he jumps into class, he's always ready to work!  See what inspires and motivates Jelani to do his best in boxing class at Element Gym below. 


How long have you been coming to Element?
Since December 2017

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?
My Uncle Douglas Demmings (who was in the Minnesota Hall of Fame!) was a boxer and I like boxing.

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?
Jump roping

What is one of your go-to workout songs?

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?
Meeting new friends and learning new things like wrapping your hands and new exercises.

Tell us why you love Element.
Because I learn to fight.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?
Try to stay consistent in class.

We like those wise words from such a young man!  We also love seeing all the progress you've made since you started, Jelani.  Thanks for putting in all that #hardwork and #dedication! 👊

Meg Kane

Meg Kane

January 2018

How long have you been coming to Element?
Since it opened seven years ago.

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?
I met Dalton and Lacee my first day.

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?

What is one of your go-to workout songs?
Mozart’s Requiem

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?
I am much healthier and have lost weight.

Tell us why you love Element.
Because it is like a large, rowdy, loving family.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We all love the fun and dedicated spirit you bring to the gym. Thank you for being a part of our rowdy family!

Kylie Pel

Kylie Pel

December 2017

Hi Kylie, tell us about yourself!

How long have you been coming to Element?
One month.

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?
I was interested in boxing so I joined Element.

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?
Combination punches.

What is one of your go-to workout songs?
All Star by Smashmouth or Slide by Calvin Harris.

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?
I’ve gotten better at punching, I punch more harder and faster.

Tell us why you love Element.
Great teachers.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?
Take your time.

That's some great advice! Thank you, Kylie, for sharing your Element experience. We're so happy and proud to have you as a part of our team! 👊

Rachel Vikla

Rachel Vikla

November 2017


How long have you been coming to Element?
I’ve been coming to Element for about a year now. I started coming last October but stopped for a few months and returned this spring with a vengeance!

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?
The first time I came to the gym I came with a friend and was surprised how welcoming everybody was! People were friendly and helped me get the hang of things. Everybody is focused on having a good time and getting in a good workout!

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?
I love the cardio boxing classes!

What is one of your go-to workout songs?
Oh man! I love anything that has a good beat that keeps you moving and energized. Can I bring in my own playlist for class?!

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?
Since coming to Element I feel more energized and ready to take things on in life! I’ve struggled with anxiety and going to the boxing classes has definitely helped me keep that in check more. I feel more centered after classes and all my stress from the day just melts away. Punching bags really gets your stress and frustrations out!

Tell us why you love Element.
The environment is so supportive and non-judgmental. Everybody is at different stages and nobody is there to judge you or make you feel like you can’t do it and instead try to encourage you to keep going. The coaches understand that everybody’s at different fitness levels and they meet you where you’re at while still pushing you to improve.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?
Come out and enjoy yourself! It looks scary at first but it really isn’t, and you’ll be so proud of yourself afterwards (at least I always am!). Just take that first step and I promise you won’t regret it. If you have any questions, just ask! Oh, and make sure to bring a water bottle!

Thank you, Rachael, for sharing your experience. We're so happy to have members like you as a part of our community.  Your smiling face is a part of what makes Element a unique and welcoming place to sweat!  We'll see you around the gym. 

P.S. Ask Pam to turn up your playlist next time. 😉


March 26, 2018

Article by Katie Moritz


On a Thursday in November, ballet dancers lie on the floor in a row, punching bags looming over them. In sync, their graceful bodies bend forward, their fists hitting the bags before they sink back to the floor.

Boxers and ballet dancers line up during “The Art of Boxing, The Sport of Ballet.” – photo courtesy of Saint Paul Ballet

It’s not an avant-garde dance performance. It’s a weekly occurrence at Element Gym, a boxing gym in St. Paul, Minnesota, that has forged an unlikely alliance with Saint Paul Ballet, a dance company that has made it its mission to change the way people see the art form.

One of the athletes leading the charge is Zoé Henrot, a lifelong dancer and now the artistic director of Saint Paul Ballet. She wondered how taking up boxing could make her an even better dancer—and do the same for others in the company, too.

2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

SBA Logo.png

March 29, 2017
Article by Claire Kennedy

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Minnesota District Office will honor 10 during National Small Business Week this year, which runs from April 30 to May 6, 2017.

The winners were chosen for proven growth, innovation or a track record helping small business in Minnesota. Each business was also a recipient of some kind of SBA assistance.


Twin Cities Pioneer Press - Take the gloves off — and give this guy a hand


October 22, 2017
Article by Pioneer Press Editorial Board

The SBA cites Element Gym programs that allow area youth — many of whom would otherwise never have such an opportunity — to get in shape and keep a positive focus in life. The city noted a commitment to keep programs affordable, if not free, for at-risk youth in St. Paul who might otherwise be on the streets.

Minnesota Business - Fight For A Cause

August 2016
Article by ANNE KOPAS

Element Gym uses boxing to support local youth and give back to the community

MNBusiness_Fighting for a cause.jpg

If you ask people what kind of qualifications they would expect from a business owner, “professional boxer” probably wouldn’t be on the list. Yet this is exactly what qualifies Dalton Outlaw to run Element Gym the world’s first co-working and collaborative-benefit corporation gym.

Outlaw came to entrepreneurship just after the 2008 economic recession, when the boxing gyms he had grown up with closed because of poor management or lack of resources. He had a job in sales, but he says, “the corporate world wasn’t for me.” Instead, armed with a business degree, a passion for boxing and a desire to give back to the community, Outlaw founded Element Gym in 2011 (formerly Element Boxing and Fitness), putting his professional boxing career on hold.

Concordia University

September 2015
Photo credit Concordia University


Dalton’s efforts to improve the St. Paul community through both his business and in the non-profit sector have not gone unnoticed.  He received Neighborhood Development Center’s 2014 Small Business of the Year Award and Community Impact Award for outstanding achievements and programs for the community. “My road to success has had its challenges, but it has been worth every one.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I received help in aspects of building my business to what it is today.  I feel extremely blessed to have the support team that surrounds me.”


Dalton credits much of his success and community involvement to Concordia. "CSP pushed me to be the student and now professional, I was destined to be.  I learned that possibilities are limited only to one’s ideas, thoughts and actions. With that in mind, I took initiative and a leap of faith. This was at a time when the economy and job market were slow. I decided to start my own business and follow my dream. I’m able to keep up with and surpass basic business models because I had a lot of hands on practice through my studies at Concordia St. Paul.”

MELVIN CARTER II AT LARGE Element Fitness Puts St. Paul On Boxing Map

June 22, 2015

The sport of boxing dates back to ancient Rome, Greece and perhaps even to ancient Egypt.

On June 6, two figures stood mid-ring, artistically bobbin’ weavin’ slippin’ slidin’ floatin’ stingin’ and sometimes toe-to-toe.

It was a bright shiny day. The sun’s light, shining thought large glass picture windows lit up the enormous state-of-the-art, highly equipped gymnasium. The place is Element Fitness. The two men were Dalton Outlaw, and Tony “2 Sharpe” Lee. Both men seek their place in history, putting St. Paul back on the international boxing map.


Leaders Affirm Data on Vibrant Growth of Minority Businesses


September 19, 2015

In 2012 there were 47,565 minority businesses with $8.7 billion in sales, employing over 63,000 people with an annual payroll of $1.7 billion.

Minority business created more jobs than the largest employer in Minnesota – the Mayo Clinic (39,000 jobs, estimate of DEED).

The Number of minority businesses grew faster than non-minority businesses

While the number of minority businesses grew by 53 percent during the period 2007-12, the number of non-minority businesses declined by 3 percent.

Top minority business leaders, owners and practitioners as well as representatives from the Governor Dayton’s policy team and city leaders from Minneapolis and Saint Paul met at the campus of Concordia University on Friday, September 18 to hear presentations from two economists on the latest data on minority business growth in Minnesota. 

Gandhi and Non Violence Day

Gandhi and Non Violence Day

The local Asian Indian community invites Minnesota to celebrate Nonviolence Day on October 2, 2016 at the State Capitol with a short program at 10 a.m. The goal of the event is to celebrate the importance of nonviolence in building Minnesota and the nation. Following a short march in the tradition of Gandhi, there will be an interfaith prayer followed by a short program. All are welcome to join the celebration.

SBA Chief Visits the Twin Cities

October 19, 2017

Linda McMahon, who leads the U.S. Small Business Administration on President Donald Trump’s cabinet, was in the Twin Cities on Tuesday to meet with local small business owners. McMahon’s itinerary also included delivering a speech at the National Women’s Business Conference, which is being held this week in Minneapolis. The conference is presented by the Washington D.C.-based National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). 

The St. Paul Kid

The St. Paul Kid

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Boxer: Antonio Johnson
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Saint Paul Magazine

Saint Paul Magazine

Not long ago, I was sitting in Sweeney’s Saloon with my literary crew, debating which author had written the best boxing book. About the time our bartender brought our second round, I was about to cast my vote for Norman Mailer’s The Fight until the Poet Mike Finley reminded me of Budd Schulberg’s Sparring with Hemmingway.