They Can't Get Enough of Us!

We're so proud of all the attention that The Art of Boxing - The Sport of Ballet is getting. Ordway Center for the Performing Arts generously supports MinnPost's Arts & Culture coverage. And we appreciate that!

Article by Pamela Espeland 

Sunday at the Ordway Concert Hall: The Art of Boxing – The Sport of Ballet. St. Paul Ballet needed practice space; Element Gym had some to share. Curiosity and open minds on both sides led to a fascinating performance that combines boxing with ballet, grace with strength, and art with sport to explore the common rituals and humanity of two distinct cultures. Yes, there’s a big, important message in there, but it’s also fun and thrilling to watch. Why no one before has tried a boxer-ballet dancer pas de deux is a mystery, because it’s a beautiful thing. This performance will also feature poet, spoken word artist and TruArtSpeaks founder Tish Jones. 6 p.m. FMI and tickets ($32-57).