Youth Boxing Scholarship Program


The Youth Boxing Scholarship program offered through Element Gym has been helping at-risk youth since 2011. Community partners like the St. Paul Police Department, advocate for our program and we are often the first to be contacted when an opportunity for supporting a young person presents itself. Because of these partnerships we have affected dozens of lives in a positive way.

Why boxing? Boxing is arguably one of the most humble sports. For young people that are naturally fit and possess aggressive athletic ability, they often are drawn to this sport specifically. But even from their first session they quickly learn that they cannot box without focus.  Being able to calm themselves digs into their mental discipline. All of which develops continuously over time.

For many young people that struggle with self-image, boxing in a well organized community like Element Gym can utterly transform a young person. This mental fortitude will translate throughout this young person’s life. When they learn how to truly compete, whether they win or lose, they have laid the groundwork for long-term success. The mindset of being calm and focused becomes apparent and is easily carried into their daily lives.

By offering the Youth Boxing Scholarship program to young people ages 8 to 18, we are giving them an opportunity to build self confidence, to express themselves in a safe environment, to work with mentors that are committed to them wholeheartedly, and to stay out of trouble.

This program proves its success time and time again. Each dollar donated goes directly towards impacting a kid’s life. The more funds we are able to raise, the more children we are able to impact.

Annual Goal $30,000

By meeting this annual goal we are able to change the lives of 20 young boxers.

Sponsor a young boxer for a year $1500

This covers all membership and USA Boxing registration costs along with gear and travel expenses for competition.